Glimmer Man

A Cajun Orc that knows how to get things


Some say the Glimmer Man is a myth or a ghost in the machine. He (or she, depending on who you ask) can get you anything he needs. Some say he’s actually a petite elven girl from the Tir. Some say he’s a former Oyabun from Japan. Still others say that he’s just a figment of their imaginations.

There’s a lot of stories about the Glimmer Man. Some say that he sold The Gingerbread Bread man an aircraft carrier (and was the only thing to render the bastard speechless). Other claim that he can produce a crate of Panthers with enough ammo to party all night in the Barrens with just the snap of his fingers. There’s also the fact that he knows things. Like that secret you told your former best friend, whom you then killed in order to keep it a secret (Jerry was always a blabber mouth…).

You don’t know how much is true, but a human calling himself Railbird said he had an offer for you from the Glimmer Man. And given that this guy is hiring, and your cash flow is some going backwards, it would be a good idea to talk to this guy at least.


Glimmer Man

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